My Entrepreneurship Journey has taught me a lesson or two on the power of  ‘that belief’ which has been groomed based on strong knowledge and perseverance . This kind of belief is phenomenally constructive . Passionate Entrepreneurship has forced me to clearly and progressively prune perspectives and opinions  into sound knowledge. It keeps reminding me  that instead of believing in something to justify my perspectives, it’s important for me to have that open-mindedness and intent to gather knowledge to believe in what is actually right. This belief gives me the right optimism and purpose to my journey as an Entrepreneur.

I was a difficult student in both School and College. I still am. I found it very difficult to learn something from my books and teachers if they were not able to ‘get me interested’ on that topic. I am glad that I finally found a connect with someone ‘holistic’ whom I can look up to as a ‘Go-To’ Life Coach/Mentor/Guru!