Talent in Residence

Dec 27, 2016

We recently started a program to groom young talents across various allied fields in an experiment to achieve three priorities:


  • To spot and launch new and diverse talents online.
  • To expose diverse talents with latest digital marketing approaches to create new opportunities for themselves.
  • To prototype integration of underutilised or untapped convergence of cross disciplinary elements in Brand Marketing, Digital Consumer Experience and Social Media. Music is one such element.

Here is the official anthem of Hyderabad Hunters of the Premier Badminton League.

Hear Siddharth Suresh, a young musical talent who is a part of our inaugural “talent in residence internship program” penning, composing and singing this catchy anthem with some mentoring and contribution from his ecosystem & peer support as part of this program. We thank Hyderabad Hunters for this opportunity given to this young talented kid! https://m.soundcloud.com/hyderabadhunters/officialanthem There is much more to come as a part of the talent in residence program. Stay Tuned! By the way, If you are interested in integrating music as a field for enhancing your digital consumer experience-talk to us, we have some very interesting and innovative new music marketing recipes planned for 2017 Digital Businesses!

Lastly, here is a request- If you liked Sid Suresh and would like to have him croon something special for you, just ping me. Will be happy for this kid if he gets more opportunities to showcase his passion :)

Social Media Planning – Sanjay Mehta & Ashwin Sivakumar @ Click Asia Summit 2011

Dec 19, 2016

Someone just forwarded this rather lost video from almost 6 years back. Jugular was in its very primordial stages :) As the story goes, I could not make it on time for my talk and had to join in during the q&a after the other speaker (Sanjay from Mirrum, then social wave length) in that social media planning session.

The reason of forwarding this is to make brands listen to some of the discussion points and questions raised by the crowd in the q&a session. Many of these applications are still to be explored to its potential. Some of these social media planning challenges still remain! Technologies have come and gone but compelling new consumer experience experiments have been very few. We must remember that great campaigns and companies are actually about new consumer experiences and less about technology. By the way, next up in Jugular’s consumer experience recipes is something very interesting around click to call and ivr. These are two technologies who would cry if they could speak :) The Industry has done little beyond its native click to call and call tracking. Beaten them to pulp as well. More on this later. Sales is just an outcome of compelling consumer experiences, we need to stay invested this journey.
Cheers, Ashwin

Start-up culture is corrupting our youth and killing real entrepreneurship

Dec 19, 2016


Anything that perseveres to sustain at all odds has the best chance to scale and succeed in phases. Holds true for Businesses, Holds true for Leadership, Holds true for Careers, Holds true for Campaigns!

Its important to stay invested in journeys that matter to us… on refreshing new consumer experiences that we wished for ourselves and on people who can constantly prove and persevere. These are the only constants. This is your competitive advantage. Technologies or tools are progressive byproducts.

Cheers, Ashwin