Here is the first of the three series of articles on doing Digital Business in 2017! I hope you would take some time to read this one.

Let’s face it. There is a content overload and this is the biggest understatement of the year 2016 :) Users are now going to participate only around content which is in context to their time being spent on Social Media. Irrespective of the social channel, here are some useful thumb rules for winning on social media. Sort of a new year social media resolution from Your Digital Business Department to make Brands succeed on Social!

  • *Do things that your audience wants to do and hear. Don’t ask them to do things we want them to do.*They are not there to do us a favour! Ask them to do things while they are at it.

    Great ideas: Contests, Trivias, Quizzes, Humour, Opinion Polls, Gamifying something you want to convey or build a recall around, tag someone on something pretty funny, making it terribly easy of them to share something they love, quotes that inspire, messages that make them feel empowered and special. You make now ask me ‘you too’ and ‘me too’ brutus, but the key for this is just the content and it’s tonality.

    Here are some things which may work: #10moviestowatch #10funjobs #mytravelwishlists #whoisthis #healthyideas

    Not so cool ideas: upload pictures and smile;) share your photo while walking, record a video and share, Share your most bla bla moments, do something on Twitter when you are or after visiting us et cetera.

  • Tell them you love them, but don’t expect them to love something you love!

    Your purpose is not their purpose. Their purposes are peer started and peer evangelized organic movements, not brand driven causes. You should rather tell them that you love them or you care or you have something for them via a commentary, video or a visual. They will like you for it and they will spread the word around you.

  • Stop throwing Difficult Challenges

    Cold Plays and Ice Bucket Challenges are peer movements and not created by brands. Its a good idea for brands to do something interesting around existing movements rather than thinking that it should be a movement created by them. Very very very unlikely that would happen. Chances are as bright as winning a loterry ticket.

  • *Ask them what they think, don’t put your perspective on some topic and expect them to embrace it.*Your social media channel is not the coming of age television news channel:)

    Great ideas: So who is going to win these elections?, Whats your ideas of staying fit? What’s your opinion on productivity?

    Avoidable ideas from brands:

    This is where the world is heading to, we are here to change its direction.


    People think you are dark and we are here to make you ‘fair’ and we can change all the worldly perspectives.

    These are all very bad ideas. We should never build a business case on someone’s non-existant insecurities or some flawed opinion they are painfully fighting against in real world. Definitely not on Social Media.

  • Uncomplicate

    If you are trying to drive home a point, drive it home straight. Don’t beat around the bush with complicated anologies. They don’t have the time and they expect the visuals and text to make it simple and actionable to read or respond. Remember they are not stuck in a traffic jam, they are not at your event, they are not at your office and neither they are standing in front of you. What might make sense is real world many times do not work on social media channels.

  • Social Audience is instinctive and spontaneous. Being too clever on visuals and communication means they are going to respond back as they see it.

    Even the Great Amul Girl got it slightly wrong when a well intentioned tribute to the pugnacious late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha got very mixed responses. The much loved Amul Girl was seen holding a picture of Jayalalitha with tears rolling down her cheeks. The picture is captioned ‘Leader of Ammasses’. They meant Amma and Masses, but the spontaneous and emotional on social media read it as ‘amasses’.

    Looking forward to cracking some impactful social media initiatives with Leaders like you this New Year!

  • Cheers,
    Ashwin Sivakumar
    From your Digital Business Department