I am back on my social handles as ‘me’ after quite a while! In a very rare scenario, I must admit I was completely ‘driven’ and mesemerized being an author of a Brand’s (Hyderabad Hunters Badminton Franchise) digital existence and I temporarily decided to exist as that online!

It has never happened to me before that I had got so carried away that the lines between ‘being a custodian’ and ‘existing as someone’ completely blurred. I realize that it was the first time when my bygone passion for competitive racquet sport and my career passion for marketing creativity, social media, digital life & technology were allowed to let loose without any boundaries or rules (well almost)! I applied the same no-rules for my team who were given specific mandates. I decided no nitpicking and endless editing on spontaneous creativity like social conversations, video diaries, graphics and music. Iterating them rather than being an initial stumbling block or just simply letting it go live on occasions was the way to go! In something like sports you have to let the fans be your jury. It’s fast paced and you need to keep it real.

It has captured my imagination on how ridiculously exciting sports coverage can become when creative expression and fresh fan experience ideas can be implemented with a properly integrated on-ground, real time and digital presence.

More importantly, personally, it has rekindled a lost passion for sports and partly pampered me to do things I would have equally loved to doing if I had decided to chase an alternate career passion for integrated sports coverage and anchoring!

The result: 3 viral videos (like the one above), 5 of the top 10 viewed photos with captions in the entire sports league, top 3 most engaged contests in the league and the fastest organic fan growth amongst teams in the league!

*Some Take Aways*

1) Not surprisingly everything which worked on social for Hyderabad Hunters were real, raw and fresh which everyone could relate to.

2) As brand leaders we cannot be the only custodians for creative brand experession. Our teams need to be equally driven.

C) Some will work and some will not but Social Media is instinctive with a very short memory. As brands, it is not ‘us’ versus ‘audience’ on the digital world. Think of it as a reality show. You are producing and starring in it along with the audience.

Let’s chase our dreams, live our passion and keep it real. Always.

Ashwin, Founder and Chief of Concepts, JugularSocial