Winning Happens with Transformation

May 24, 2017

Winning Happens with Transformation. Change Starts with You!- This is a video dedicated to all the transformational leaders who are influencing this digital generation!

Fresh from your Digital Business Department

May 24, 2017

A big day today in acquisition marketing. Google just announced ‘Google Attribution’ ahead of its annual event. It could be a game changer for what in the marketing world is called ‘Last Mile Attribution’. Businesses often ignore (rather unaware) how a prospect’s or customer’s journey results in a transaction or enquiry (last click).

This tool is likely to make omni/cross channel marketing measurable by making it easier to trace a particular customer’s response through various funnels like email, display, search, third party portals, calls, keywords et cetera from their first touch point with you before they enquire or purchase. At Jugular we do keep writing and implementing scripts, goodies,and systems to help up our clients to close the loop on last mile attribution. But it’s always a pain mashing and making multiple applications/ scripts to talk. This announcement from Google would make it simpler to keep marketing lot more measurable. Lot depends on how much data access Google provides. All said, it’s a big day today especially for small medium enterprises who cannot afford complex systems and processes, where most of their marketing budgets needs to be aligned to acquiring and retaining customers.