Remembering a Legendary Genomics Scientist

Jan 23, 2018

I am very sad to see this news from back in 2013 while searching for her name in 2018! I remember she went out the way to arrange an affordable temporary accommodation for a largely inconsequential visiting research fellow like me. Much to my surprise then, she also told me that my long term career would evolve when internet, informatics and creative sectors would truly converge in healthcare a few years down the line. At this moment, I just wish I can somehow put this amazing experience of working with such an iconic scientist to contribute something purposeful and satisfying in the area of digital health…

A Pioneer Indeed. It was such an honor to briefly work for her. Thank you Monica for being a great #Mentor and #Inspiration #LegendaryScientist #MonicaRiley #flashback #memories

More about Dr. Monica Riley

Monica Riley’s annotation approaches recognized the complexity of biological functions evident in multifunctional and multi-domain containing gene products and the use of protein families in annotation. Today’s annotation pipelines in sequencing centers all over the world rely upon the framework and function assignment rules she developed for genome analysis. Monica embraced the emergence of bioinformatics and its power for addressing the complexities of biology. She enthusiastically contributed her vast biological knowledge towards improving the accuracy of annotation efforts and generated computational models for system-level studies of microbes. In these ways she chose to take an active role in bridging the gap between biological and computational scientists.

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Food for Digital Thought with Vats R Srivatchan

Jan 10, 2018

The inaugural “Food for Digital Thought’ episode features veteran business leader and former CEO of MyTVS Vats R Srivatchan in an insightful conversation about Digital Customer Experience, Change Management and Digital Business Trends in the Automotive Industry.

Under his leadership, MyTVS became the first automotive service provider to transform and offer their services via e-commerce back in 2010. JugularSocial is proud to have contributed to this key inflection point Industry milestone. MyTVS was also one of the earliest companies in this space to offer an integrated contact-center back in 2002. I hope you enjoy this slightly lengthy but a very insightful episode!

Food for digital thought for artificial intelligence

Jan 10, 2018

One of AI’s most needed applications in today’s context is to become a progressively unbiased alternative to human intervention for bringing transparency, merit and credibility to data representation or evaluations being plagued by human bias, influence and corruption.

Misuse of strength and power at various data collection and case representation cycles like #interviewshortlisting #admissionshortlisting #registratons #loanprocessing #ticketing #governance #accounting #collections #accessibility #fundrecommendations #performanceevaluation #investmentworthiness #credibilityevaluation should be history sooner than later.