Why Practical Skills Will Matter More Than Your Degree In The New Economy

Apr 9, 2018

Pretty much the norm now in Industry. But reminders don’t hurt. The real key over the next few years is to bring the same pace of transformation at Universities, Colleges and Research Centres. Trainers, lecturers, profs and teachers at all levels need progressively relevant and applied skills to produce creative, logical and analytical students. This will be important for academia to stay relevant in the times where learning is increasingly becoming boundaryless and virtual. Early stage and progressive skilling responsibilities cannot be the primary responsibility for especially startups where productivity and innovation is a matter of life and death!

The Industry in India also needs more practioners to bring fresh thinking and innovative customer experiences. There is a need for Founders, CXOs, Venture Capitalists, Senior Management with a penchant for creativity and understanding of innovation cycles. It will be great to be a master of few things and jack of many.

All this value creation needs an increasingly strong academia. While blended training and learning has become mainstream, it is important for Academia to get Industry practioners to spend more time at Academia to co-create something which is fundamental to their businesses. Beyond summer projects, beyond short projects, beyond internships.

While definitely happening, but not quite at the pace of blended learning.

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The transition between Perspective and Knowledge

Apr 9, 2018

There is an important line of difference between #opinion versus #knowledge, #perspective versus #skill, #correct versus #wantingtobecorrect. The grounded go far and the constantly opinionated stay on the ground. We should always choose to learn from walking paths in #career and #life instead of stagnating in the world of unsatiable armchair opinions in a fool’s paradise.