The decade that was for your digital business department

Jan 18, 2020

#Foodfordigitalthought and #Gratitude

Jugular is in that transforming phase as we prepare ourselves to progress on our vision to become the largest digital business ecosystem.

Our roots have been built on giving the first mover digital marketing, martech and social media innovations. Reflecting back at the decade that was, our biggest milestones have been milestones of our client partners. Their passion for customer experience is the reason why few of India’s important digital firsts happened with us.

Thank you for embracing Jugular, your digital business department.

May this year usher a new decade of digital business and professional growth for you. Let’s together make this decade a memorable one by making some valuable contributions to digital customer experiences.

The Decade that was for Jugular

  • 2010

    Winner Headstart-Andhra IT association startup of the year awards 2010.

    First on-website (owned asset) social network for an Academic Institute (BVRIT).

  • 2011
  • Finalist in British Council Young Creative Entrepreneurship awards.

    India’s first home purchased completely online with our framework (VBHC).

    First site visit planner widget for real estate enterprises.

    Conceptualised India’s first enterprise realestate social network for buyers and customers (for VBHC).

    First of its kind online user experience on India n healthcare and real estate websites: left navigation websites and floating right side widgets (norm now in the Industry).

    Digital partners for India’s first online appointment experience by an Indian Hospital: Rainbow Hospitals.

  • 2012
  • Conceptualised, India’s first online automobile servicing platform (for MyTVS).

  • 2013
  • Red Herring Asia Finalist

  • 2014
  • UK Government’s Global Entrepreneur program for an international company with outstanding technology potential.

    First pre API WhatsApp trigger for websites (for Gleneagles Global Hospitals).

  • 2015
  • TIE Silicon Valley Top Global Startup Awards for IdentityRoots/Digipartment (microinfluencer and personal branding platform)for idea and proof of concept.

  • 2016
  • Realty Today Website of the year awards: Vaishnavi Constructions.

  • 2017
  • India’s first mannequin challenge by a hospital for emergency awareness (Sparsh Hospitals).

    Social media campaign award of the year awards for Sparsh by public relations council of India.

  • 2018
  • Conceptualized India’s first online sports medicine platform and ecosystem – For Sportho.

  • 2019
  • Google’s selection for the elevator program for Asia’s elite fast growth digital agencies.

    Marketing Partner of the Year – Parkway Pantai India

Shortlisted for Elevator 2019

Oct 17, 2019

#DigitalBusinessDepartment #PerformanceMarketing

It gives me great pleasure to share that we are amongst 20 agencies in the Asia Pacific invited to Google’s Elevator program for top next gen agencies. We will be introducing many more skill transformation initiatives for the AI-driven machine learning era to drive revenues and performance mandates at organizations like yours. Thanks for embracing JugularSocial.


The 2019 Digital Prelude

May 9, 2019

#FoodforDigitalThought from your #DigitalBusinessDepartment

This digest is an important one. We have exclusive insights about new features on LinkedIn and Facebook that are likely to drive your 2019 content strategy on these channels. We promise that from january onwards, this whatsapp digest will transition into a video format that will make it easier for you consume all these important updates that can drive your digital brand growth. You can still find the verbose version on the web edition.

November is an important time of the year for the digital landscape. It’s that time of the year when enterprises (and enterprising individuals!) look back on all the key performance metrics and plan ahead for the new digital season. Here are some important questions we should start answering together.

How are your customers responding to your vision? How are your digital channels performing compared the year before? What’s driving customer loyalty and referrals? Which customer experiences should you be introducing? Which keywords are actually going to drive your search market share? Which influencers are going to drive your online share of voice? Has your content strategy been crisp, connectable, endearing and valuable to that internet audience that spends less than 10 seconds on an average for every scroll they make as they wade through the sea of social media timeline content? How have you grown your customer facing digital assets? Are you incentivizing and encouraging your most important online influencers (employees, customers, brand loyalists)?

We will be answering some of these important questions together in the coming weeks and the month ahead.

LinkedIn is opening up a beta version of the content recommendation engine for LinkedIn corporate pages. It seems to be similar in genre to, which is progressively becoming the defecto content discovery engine. Both medium and linkedin’s content discovery engines are going to drive our content recommendations for our partner clients on these channels in 2019.

Facebook has just rolled out a feature where one can watch any posted video together with your friends on Facebook. This in many ways is the most disruptive development in the online landscape. It’s likely to influence the way movies are released and videos are consumed. This by far is going to be the biggest competitor to the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Hotstar. If video content produced by brands are cinematic and emotionally connectable, there is an opportunity to creative massive word of mouth and brand recall. We will be increasingly recommending seperate budgets allocated for video production in 2019 foreseeing the opportunity ahead.

Before we wrap up this digest, I also take this opportunity to congratulate Godaddy for achieving a phenomenal milestone of having served 1 million customers in India. Godaddy is one of our key digital activation partners. With their range of products and our expertise, we are super excited about helping our client partners create formidable online brand identities. Godaddy was also pretty brave in giving me a chance to make my modelling and acting debut in this milestone video 😉

That’s a wrap. More exclusive food for digital thoughts in December!



Oct 30, 2018


A few days back, I lost my grand-dad who in many ways, consciously and subconsciously inspired multiple aspects of my journey till now. My time spent through the years with my maternal grand-dad was ‘always high’ on playful happiness. When I am around him, the erstwhile child and teenager in me always kept making timeless comebacks.

My relationship with my grand-dad was anything but traditional. I loved pulling his legs, talking about the silliest and weirdest of things that would definitely not fall under an acceptable grand father-grand son genre of conversation. Many of those conversations were those best buddy conversations you would perhaps have during a vacation or during a time when you are notoriously bunking a class. In his last conversation with me, he was at his hilarious best describing a cricketing talent he claimed to have spotted! His riotously funny description of the Afghanistan cricket team opener and his spirited explanation on why that gentleman was going to be the next big thing in cricket are going to be permanently etched in my memories. I still find it difficult to believe that such banters are never going to return.

Here are my top 5 fan boy picks on why he was so special to me:

The man who transcended generations


It is remarkable, how connected he was to the younger generation. Infact any generation. There was something truly ubiquitous in the way he transcended to resonate with different personas and generations. A trait that broke not just generation gaps but a trait that should be a lesson to anyone in any walk of life.

The family first achiever


As someone who was truly self made, raising and seeing 6 kids (5 daughters and a son) grow into remarkable role models themselves is a feat of its own. Given that perhaps all his life’s decisions were for their well being, just weighing that in context to his professional path makes me look at him in awe.

The best selling author who never published


Given his range of vocabulary and that natural skill for creatively narrating even mundane things so expressively, it would have been lovely to read his world views in form of books or episodes. Leaving grandfatherly equations aside, he was also easily one of those rare speakers that I would travel a long distance and pay a premium to listen to.

No compromises on Dignity and Integrity


Almost everyone has a unique tale of ‘generosity’ and ‘gratitude’ when it came to knowing him as a person. I used to often hear ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’ kind of stories and tales of integrity about him from people in daily walks of life. From the neighbourhood medical shop owner to the bank manger in his local bank to the kabadiwala who used to come and collect papers. Not to forget all the grand kids of diverse age groups whom he bailed out of some prickly issue or the other.
Just a few years back, my grandparents tragically lost one of their remarkably supportive daughters due to cancer. The way he carried himself subsequently to be a symbol of strength to my grand mom and his siblings was legendary.

Dignity and integrity would be common words in everyone’s pitch to describe him.

Live your personality


During my different phases as a (hardly) maturing adult, I saw him through a variety of lenses. I got to appreciate how non-traditional he truly was. He was an outlier of his generation. Someone who was not weighed down by his responsibilities. I think he was someone who refused to be bogged down irrespective of what life there at him. If life threw lemons, he started thriving on lemonade!
He was someone who could adjust and find thrill and purpose in every phase of his life. Whether it was the carefree life as a budding sports talent or his colorful life during his growing up days or those chauffeur driven years as a large factory personnel leader or that super hero father who inspired generations or that super-resilient person who made sure that diabetes can kiss good bye in its efforts to slow him down.

On a lighter note, it takes a very brave person to play a master chef jury when you are absolutely clueless about cooking;) Here was a man who had a fine taste with strong likes and dislikes about the food being dished out to him:) I loved the conversations between him and Athai (I call my grandmom as athai for reasons unknown) especially when he used to try being a jury to the spread of dishes she used to cook for him :)

Love your life to the fullest

He was someone who managed and won over diabetes with an unbreakable discipline to lead the life style he had chalked out for himself. His equation with his equally illustrious wife is a fairy tale inseparable story on how people should grow old together. Someone who was playing sports and actively exercising well into his 80s is a compelling tale of his zest for life’s energies. He was someone who loved life to the fullest. His impeccable dressing sense was a constant reminder that he was there to live life in his own terms and that he was going to make the most of it.

A Great Leader who should have been a newsmaker

Earlier last year, I was discussing something about people management with him. The erstwhile people leader from Neyveli Lignite Corporation rolled back decades to give a sneak peek into the kind of leader and personality he would have been in his hey days.
I gave him an honorary business card while promising that I will spend more time with him. I am glad I was able to spend some time with him this year and roll back the playful years of carefree joy.

The way he used to vividly recollect incidents and people from 90 decades of his life can only mean that he was truly a people’s person.

With his skills, personality, range of experiences and self made professional networks with influencers like maharajas, movie and sports stars, he could have been someone who really stood out as a newsmaking leader of a much bigger impact if he had possibly got to play a different set of cards. This is taking nothing away from his illustrious career.

He is hopefully proud that his brilliant potential is also finding expression through his kids and grand kids because of the sacrifices he must have made for them.

I am sure, from his heavenly abode, he is finding grammatical errors in this tribute that I have penned for him. I am also sure that he is having a hearty laugh with many of his princely long lost friends he had made over 95 years on earth! I am sure he is already promoted to a leadership role in that world and has started making a difference to lives of other heavenly souls. He must be driving his jeep to uncharted territories to pursue things he perhaps couldn’t do in his time on earth.

Goalie Kalyani as he was known to his sporting circles will be an absolute crowd favourite in the heavenly stadium.

Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain. Thanks for the memories Dr.PVK!