My Journey

I provide strong Digital Marketing and Business Leadership by applying and practicing the three main pillars behind a successful Digital Marketing Strategy (Creativity, Logic and the much needed understanding of Digital Science and Informatics). Building a successful business with this expertise and institutionalizing this knowledge is my current passion.

I have been a digital marketeer and a digital technologist ever since I graduated from my masters program in bioinformatics from Leeds University, a Russel Group University(Ivy League Equivalent of United Kingdom) in 2002. This helped me get practical grounding in the then new age convergence between informatics, algorithms and Healthcare/Life Sciences. I have 3 published papers in high impact international journals in area of pattern discovery based search engines for genetic information. You can view them in google scholar.
Since then, I have pursued my passion for practically building my expertise in this convergence of Marketing, Communications, Visual Design, Informatics and Algorithms. I initially concentrated on it’s application for Healthcare and Life Sciences and then subsequently to diverse application sectors like e/m commerce, real estate, automobile and BtoB through my 13 year professional roadmap in Digital Marketing and Social Media.
At Jugular Social Media, which I founded in 2010, I have been trying to institutionalize my cross-disciplinary knowledge to create standard operating procedures to improve content marketing strategies,  social media algorithms/approaches and search engine optimization workflows and tools.
The first online home buying e-commerce engine in India was conceived at JugularSocial and so was one of India’s first social network driven corporate websites. We also conceived a marketing widget called ‘find a treatment’ which features on leading Indian Hospital Corporate Websites to connect website visitors (patients) to the right Doctor within the Hospital.
At Jugular, we have very recently come up with a personal branding tool to help Professionals market and create online visibility for themselves. This won the recognition as a “Top Startup Concept” at the globally competed TiE Silicon Valley awards in 2015. Here is an interview which discusses the concept.

My academic and research interest is to provide thought leadership in Digital/Social Media by publishing a series of well researched marketing techniques and insights in emerging areas of digital consumer experience and marketing automation. I intend to achieve this by collaborating globally with Academic Researchers/Leaders working in such areas of convergence .
The internet through mobile devices, social networks and search engines has now become  decision support mechanisms for the Consumers. Internet shopping and product comparison platforms is now seeing wide scale adaptation among consumers. With increasing focus on quality content within online search mediums and citizen influence on social mediums, consumers are now thankfully empowered with considerable awareness when it comes to making key life decisions. This means that Traditional Businesses providing solutions for key life decisions like personal health, treatment, home investment, educational choices need more powerful social media listening channels and personalized online marketing workflows to acquire and retain customers.