The 2019 Digital Prelude

May 9, 2019

#FoodforDigitalThought from your #DigitalBusinessDepartment

This digest is an important one. We have exclusive insights about new features on LinkedIn and Facebook that are likely to drive your 2019 content strategy on these channels. We promise that from january onwards, this whatsapp digest will transition into a video format that will make it easier for you consume all these important updates that can drive your digital brand growth. You can still find the verbose version on the web edition.

November is an important time of the year for the digital landscape. It’s that time of the year when enterprises (and enterprising individuals!) look back on all the key performance metrics and plan ahead for the new digital season. Here are some important questions we should start answering together.

How are your customers responding to your vision? How are your digital channels performing compared the year before? What’s driving customer loyalty and referrals? Which customer experiences should you be introducing? Which keywords are actually going to drive your search market share? Which influencers are going to drive your online share of voice? Has your content strategy been crisp, connectable, endearing and valuable to that internet audience that spends less than 10 seconds on an average for every scroll they make as they wade through the sea of social media timeline content? How have you grown your customer facing digital assets? Are you incentivizing and encouraging your most important online influencers (employees, customers, brand loyalists)?

We will be answering some of these important questions together in the coming weeks and the month ahead.

LinkedIn is opening up a beta version of the content recommendation engine for LinkedIn corporate pages. It seems to be similar in genre to, which is progressively becoming the defecto content discovery engine. Both medium and linkedin’s content discovery engines are going to drive our content recommendations for our partner clients on these channels in 2019.

Facebook has just rolled out a feature where one can watch any posted video together with your friends on Facebook. This in many ways is the most disruptive development in the online landscape. It’s likely to influence the way movies are released and videos are consumed. This by far is going to be the biggest competitor to the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Hotstar. If video content produced by brands are cinematic and emotionally connectable, there is an opportunity to creative massive word of mouth and brand recall. We will be increasingly recommending seperate budgets allocated for video production in 2019 foreseeing the opportunity ahead.

Before we wrap up this digest, I also take this opportunity to congratulate Godaddy for achieving a phenomenal milestone of having served 1 million customers in India. Godaddy is one of our key digital activation partners. With their range of products and our expertise, we are super excited about helping our client partners create formidable online brand identities. Godaddy was also pretty brave in giving me a chance to make my modelling and acting debut in this milestone video 😉

That’s a wrap. More exclusive food for digital thoughts in December!

Welcome the era of realtime conversational payments

Feb 14, 2018


An interesting development which can transform healthcare digital consumer experience in the years to come. Whatapp is now UPI linked so WhatsApp can be used to transfer and receive money.

This can be a fundamental shift in the online payment ecosystem in India considering that WhatsApp is now the primary conversational (realtime interaction) app. Here is a screenshot on how it can work in context to progressive healthcare patient experience. Transformation is evident. Healthcare enterprises need to transform with new agile processes and skilled expertise to lead this shift. There is opportunity ahead.

If it is Digital, you will hear it first and hopefully do it first with JugularSocial- Your Digital Business Department

Jugular turns 8 and YOU are our protagonists!

Feb 14, 2018


Prematurely Named in 2003, born in 2010, this fast growing 8 year old kid is an achiever, go-getter and survivor against all odds. It was JugularSocial’ s Birthday Yesterday! With evangelists like you by our side, we look forward to scale peaks that matter. We are committed to travel limitless miles that make you succeed. Your growth is our success. Let’s go the distance together.

Thanks for adding purpose to our journey. Jugular exists to grow because you keep holding its hands to show the path with your belief and trust.

Remembering a Legendary Genomics Scientist

Jan 23, 2018

I am very sad to see this news from back in 2013 while searching for her name in 2018! I remember she went out the way to arrange an affordable temporary accommodation for a largely inconsequential visiting research fellow like me. Much to my surprise then, she also told me that my long term career would evolve when internet, informatics and creative sectors would truly converge in healthcare a few years down the line. At this moment, I just wish I can somehow put this amazing experience of working with such an iconic scientist to contribute something purposeful and satisfying in the area of digital health…

A Pioneer Indeed. It was such an honor to briefly work for her. Thank you Monica for being a great #Mentor and #Inspiration #LegendaryScientist #MonicaRiley #flashback #memories

More about Dr. Monica Riley

Monica Riley’s annotation approaches recognized the complexity of biological functions evident in multifunctional and multi-domain containing gene products and the use of protein families in annotation. Today’s annotation pipelines in sequencing centers all over the world rely upon the framework and function assignment rules she developed for genome analysis. Monica embraced the emergence of bioinformatics and its power for addressing the complexities of biology. She enthusiastically contributed her vast biological knowledge towards improving the accuracy of annotation efforts and generated computational models for system-level studies of microbes. In these ways she chose to take an active role in bridging the gap between biological and computational scientists.

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