Why Practical Skills Will Matter More Than Your Degree In The New Economy

Apr 9, 2018

Pretty much the norm now in Industry. But reminders don’t hurt. The real key over the next few years is to bring the same pace of transformation at Universities, Colleges and Research Centres. Trainers, lecturers, profs and teachers at all levels need progressively relevant and applied skills to produce creative, logical and analytical students. This will be important for academia to stay relevant in the times where learning is increasingly becoming boundaryless and virtual. Early stage and progressive skilling responsibilities cannot be the primary responsibility for especially startups where productivity and innovation is a matter of life and death!

The Industry in India also needs more practioners to bring fresh thinking and innovative customer experiences. There is a need for Founders, CXOs, Venture Capitalists, Senior Management with a penchant for creativity and understanding of innovation cycles. It will be great to be a master of few things and jack of many.

All this value creation needs an increasingly strong academia. While blended training and learning has become mainstream, it is important for Academia to get Industry practioners to spend more time at Academia to co-create something which is fundamental to their businesses. Beyond summer projects, beyond short projects, beyond internships.

While definitely happening, but not quite at the pace of blended learning.

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Leaders need to constantly reflect and learn from their position of strength

Feb 15, 2018

When you are in a position of strength, progressing as a #leader in any walk of life needs periodic lessons and reminders. As an #entrepreneur, a few years back, I started spending 1 hour a week trying to recollect and reflect on interactions with peers, seniors, juniors, clients, partners et cetera. It is important for #leaders to consciously know that they are work in progress and that they need to keep getting better for their #organizations to get better! They need to get better for getting talented people to #work with them. They need to keep building winning habits for their organization to win!


Here are some recipes and reminders which are there in my #workinprogress #workbook as an #entrepreneur

We should continuously work on ourselves and our egos by appreciating and building a human equation with our #ecosystem.

We should know that we are #imperfect and so can be others.

We should mature to be a seniors, #mentors or #colleagues and not the typical ‘on a privileged high’ #employer, #outsourcer or #sponsor!

We should consciously build #partner relationship instead of #vendor expectations.

We should transact on #skill and #trust not #time and #labour.

We should progressively become good at #reasoning instead of #snapping.

We should work the way up the #respect instead of demanding one.

We should learn and contribute to the means of achieving our #vision instead of thinking that we are entitled to an imaginary outcome without participating in the means to get there.

We should bring a #conversation to the table and not #fear.

We can have an #opinion but we should nurture an ability to change that too.

To be a better #listener and leader in the era of convergence, we should constantly work on our skills to at least be a master of few and jack of many.

Can you share your learning, values and beliefs while being in a position of strength?

Remembering a Legendary Genomics Scientist

Jan 23, 2018

I am very sad to see this news from back in 2013 while searching for her name in 2018! I remember she went out the way to arrange an affordable temporary accommodation for a largely inconsequential visiting research fellow like me. Much to my surprise then, she also told me that my long term career would evolve when internet, informatics and creative sectors would truly converge in healthcare a few years down the line. At this moment, I just wish I can somehow put this amazing experience of working with such an iconic scientist to contribute something purposeful and satisfying in the area of digital health…

A Pioneer Indeed. It was such an honor to briefly work for her. Thank you Monica for being a great #Mentor and #Inspiration #LegendaryScientist #MonicaRiley #flashback #memories

More about Dr. Monica Riley

Monica Riley’s annotation approaches recognized the complexity of biological functions evident in multifunctional and multi-domain containing gene products and the use of protein families in annotation. Today’s annotation pipelines in sequencing centers all over the world rely upon the framework and function assignment rules she developed for genome analysis. Monica embraced the emergence of bioinformatics and its power for addressing the complexities of biology. She enthusiastically contributed her vast biological knowledge towards improving the accuracy of annotation efforts and generated computational models for system-level studies of microbes. In these ways she chose to take an active role in bridging the gap between biological and computational scientists.

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Your Digital Business Growth Opportunities

Jun 21, 2017

At JugularSocial, we empower traditional consumer businesses with integrated marketing solutions to help them achieve their online business potential.

For our Real Estate, Healthcare and B to B Clients, during the course of our engagement, we bring arguably the most advanced, scientific and measurable digital marketing roadmaps for the brands we work with. We will work closely with the Founders, CxOs, Sales and Marketing leaders to help hone and achieve their revenue goals from digital medium.

We believe you have all the great ingredients for becoming the preferred consumer real estate brand in the digital space. All the brands we have served are now online market leaders in their own verticals. For our real estate clients our online strategies and tools can facilitate up to 50% increase in online attributed sales and site visits. To give a context, our thought process and workflows for home buying online facilitated perhaps India’s first online booking (for a client in the affordable housing space) in 2010. Our high potential workflow remains the most well thought through process from a consumer loyalty perspective.

Typically within 2 years of engagement, the brands we serve develops strong and successful digital business and marketing processes/outcomes/KPIs. At that point, our brands mature to even invest on building their own internal digital teams and are able to successfully get tactical outcomes from task based digital/marketing agencies. Making ourselves redundant after helping you see and measure digital success is our goal from this roadmap :)

Our scope covers the following:

  • Real time dashboards that CxOs always wanted
  • Grow site visits and bookings with access to our proprietary marketing automation solutions
  • Lead nurturing with personalized workflows based on stages (enquiry, opt ins, site visit booked, site visited, booking interest et cetera)
  • Hone your website into a sales machine with smart inbound triggers
  • Access to your Digital Department with functional specialists with diverse digital expertise (social, search, media planning, conceptualizers, technology evangelists). They have the best track record in this Industry. Period.
  • Creating Personal Brands around Corporate Leaders Managing and building the Brand’s online reputation.
  • Managing and honing your online distributor networks (like Practo, what clinic, housing, 99 acres, India Property et cetera).
  • Rank for the right consumer keywords with powerful and innovative search marketing approaches.
  • A Social Media roadmap that is fully measurable and tangible Launching and managing your own online consumer connect magazine and community.
  • Once a month day visits to the Brand’s location for comprehensive reviews and planning- we are extended team for you!
  • 12X6 hours access to your Digital Business Team.
  • Last but not least, never before like transparency in media and advertising planning- you will have complete control on ROI.

With Jugular as your Digital Business Department, you will have real time access to what’s spent, why it’s spent, when it was spent, where it is spent and whether it is making sense to invest your monies on these mediums. No more middle men. You spend it directly with the source, we manage and track to make sure your monies are being put to best use only.

A JugularSocial snapshot

  • Did you know JugularSocial facilitated one of India’s first home buying transactions in 2010?
  • 95% of our clients have retained us since our inception!
  • We are one of the few companies who can help track your marketing efforts through to the complete sales cycle
  • We are backed by the best think tanks and advisors in digital marketing and technology.
  • We are are part of the UK government trade and invest authority’s global entrepreneur program. One of the 24 companies selected to be a part of the Start-up Leadership program, twice finalist in the globally competed TiE Silicon Valley’s TiE50 awards.