Anyone for creating an ecosystem for sustain first, scale next enterprises?

Sep 10, 2018

A slight drift from the usual digital ramblings:) Bumped into this awesome thread on fund raising by founder of Mixpanel on their fund raising journey and adventures. The few lines he has shared is perhaps going to save years of fund raising experiments for startup founders and for investors who are looking to spot that secret mojo in entrepreneurs! This one is a gem:) Mixpanel by the way is a powerful mobile analytics platform.

On a different note, I think fund raising is romanticized way too much as a metric in a startup journey. It is a good story to believe or fall in love with, but the reality is that less than 1% get lucky. There is also nothing to be proud about times when one was going to run out of money soon and that some Angel bailed them out just in time for helping them live another day. This could be an annecdote for how luck can play a role, but definitely not an example for role modelling!

The grittier and more realistic journeys are those who had no angels and piggy banks to fall back on.

Those few from the 99% drive the economy of the country. Those who had no choice but to be profitable and sustainable first before they scaled anything. Those who had no choice but to persistently innovate and add value. Those whose biggest investors are their customers…

It is important to create an ecosystem of realism which can help entrepreneurs to persevere and build companies that last. An ecosystem that can inspire others to persevere to succeed instead of thinking funding decides whether one should pack their bags on sprint a marathon.

Winning Happens with Transformation

May 24, 2017

Winning Happens with Transformation. Change Starts with You!- This is a video dedicated to all the transformational leaders who are influencing this digital generation!

The Story of Social Networks

Apr 12, 2017

Not sure how many of you are early adapting social networking natives from the late 90s and early 2000s. Here is a quick tribute to Ecademy and Ryze- The first online professional networks before the times of the LinkedIns and Facebooks.

For customers, a valuable new customer experience is never ahead of its time. Very vividly remember Ecademy and Ryze. Concepts which were bang on time for the end users, but perhaps not spotted by the right investors at the right time who could understand the progress and potential.

Professional Networking always would have been much better with slightly different takes on the concept of a Professional Network.

Disappointing not have likes of #Ecademy around at a time where everything digital revolves around a network! As entrepreneurs, it would have been a really lonely world for the founders to persevere the way they did. Kudos to the Ecademy founders Thomas Power and Penny Power who fought it out till they could not fight the inevitable! Coming to think of it their concept of a social network was lot more real and lasting. Their users like me still stay connected and stay valuable to each others’ professional goals.

Social Media Planning – Sanjay Mehta & Ashwin Sivakumar @ Click Asia Summit 2011

Dec 19, 2016

Someone just forwarded this rather lost video from almost 6 years back. Jugular was in its very primordial stages :) As the story goes, I could not make it on time for my talk and had to join in during the q&a after the other speaker (Sanjay from Mirrum, then social wave length) in that social media planning session.

The reason of forwarding this is to make brands listen to some of the discussion points and questions raised by the crowd in the q&a session. Many of these applications are still to be explored to its potential. Some of these social media planning challenges still remain! Technologies have come and gone but compelling new consumer experience experiments have been very few. We must remember that great campaigns and companies are actually about new consumer experiences and less about technology. By the way, next up in Jugular’s consumer experience recipes is something very interesting around click to call and ivr. These are two technologies who would cry if they could speak :) The Industry has done little beyond its native click to call and call tracking. Beaten them to pulp as well. More on this later. Sales is just an outcome of compelling consumer experiences, we need to stay invested this journey.
Cheers, Ashwin