Payment Ecosystem and Real time Transaction Trends to watch out for

Aug 18, 2018

There has been substantial progress lately on realtime payment ecosystems within facebook messenger and WhatsApp. While recharge capabilities already seems to be in beta (refer screenshot), I am pretty sure full fledged payment recieving capabilities will be just around the corner when it comes to facebook messenger. This might herald an all new era of real time customer experience and transactions. Especially so with it’s deep integration capabilities with brand owned websites backed by AI driven bot building possibilities. This maybe one of those customer experience masterstrokes which changes the way customers interact and transact with brands. Application of this experience in every sector is likely to be profound.

It is high time we put facebook messenger and WhatsApp central to your online browsing experience for customers. As always, our vision for you is to get you that competitive advantage with insights, technology and marketing that your competitors may not have (y)

Enjoy your weekend:)


A sneak peek at Digipartment!

Feb 16, 2015

JugularSocial`s new product (Digipartment) is a suite of tools with concierge services that helps individuals brand and position themselves, create and monitor opportunities, and promote themselves for visibility and recall. We believe that everyone has a unique potential and that the world should know that you have something beautiful to offer to them. Our mission is to empower great talents with powerful digital marketing and advertising products which anyone can afford, use and embrace. The product helps professionals to create unique personal brands, discover untapped opportunities and generate demand for their expertise!